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Segull 67 Brewery

We are a small family owned craft brewery located in fishing village of Siglufjörður, Iceland, my grandfather, my father and I, as well as the family helps out. The brewhouse is in an old fish factory that we have designed and adapted. Segull means magnet in Icelandic and we are connecting it to the magnet needle (magnetic noth) in the compass. The magnetic needle always turns north no matter where you are. 67 has long been a lucky numer in the family, my great grandfather drove his truck with the number F67 and my grandfather sailed the seas with the boat number SI67.

Segull 67 Original
Segull 67 Jóla Bjór
Segull 67 Sjarmör
Segull 67 Þorra Bjór
Segull 67 Páska Bjór
Segull 67 Belgium Wheat
Segull 67 Original

Segull 67 Original

Amber lager, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer

Segull 67 Sjarmör

Segull 67 Sjarmör

Hopped Lager, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer.

Segull 67 Jóla Bjór

Segull 67 Jóla Bjór

Seasonal, Chrismas brew in the year 2015, 2016.

Segull 67 Belgium Wheat

Segull 67 Belgian Wheat

Seasonal, Summer brew in the year 2016,2017.

Segull 67 Þorrabjór

Segull 67 Þorrabjór - IPA

Seasonal, Þorra brew in the year 2016 in collaboration with local brewer DB.

Segull 67 Hérastubbur

Segull 67 Hérastubbur - Blonde Ale

Seasonal, Easter beer brew in the year 2017.

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